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Life Skills School

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New South Wales:

 Glen Innes 

South Africa:


North Queensland:




South Queensland:


CMAA Campus
Combined Martial Arts Academy
46-50 Spencer Rd,
Nerang QLD 4211

Primary Gold Coast Campus

Life Development Centre
67 Warrener St,
Nerang, 4211
(Adjacent to the
Nerang Railway Station)

Please check starting time as it may vary with individual topics
(Classes range from
90 to 120 minutes)
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Click HERE to download to download our philosophy and vision (.pdf) diagram outlining what we do and why.
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Lesson Author:

The author of all Seminar Classes (except Conversational English, CHIP, Nedley Series, Parenting and Eden's Kitchen) is Lionel Hartley, PhD.
(Presenters include Lionel and Rosemary Hartley, Brenda Carney, Peter Keioskie, Bridget Gunn, Amanda Carney, Neil Nedley, Mike Collum, Mel Renfrew, John Barron, Meryl Steyn, David Service, Etc.)
Dr Lionel Hartley

Dr Hartley's Profile

Welcome to the Life Skills School
        Learn the skills to enjoy life!        

Current Program Schedule

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            "There are two types of education... One should teach us how to make a living, And the other how to live."
            —John Adams
The Life Skills School began in the year 2000 in NSW as an on-going series of individual subjects (with one or two different topics each month) presented in the form of seminars and workshops. It relocated to Queensland's Gold Coast in 2013 at the Life Development Centre in Nerang.
You can attend any or all of the topics listed, and can even suggest other topics for future consideration.
All resources and handouts are free and for the majority of subjects there is no charge for attending, although a donation box will be provided if you wish to contribute to the cost of handouts, etc. or you can donate online at www.lrhartley.com/donations.
Although the subject matter will be covered in a professional manner using multimedia and hand-out resources, including the opportunity for questions, each attendee is personally responsible for the degree that he or she benefits from each presentation or workshop, therefore there will be no exams or tests.
You may request a FREE Certificate of Attendance if required for a CV or Résumé
Click HERE to download our philosophy and vision (.pdf) diagram outlining what we do and why.
There are no age barriers – all are welcome to attend and/or participate.
(Class duration ranges from 90 to 120 minutes)

Nerang Venue:
Free Conversational English Language Classes Wednesdays, 10:00am to 11:00am.

The Primary Gold Coast Campus is wheelchair friendly, located adjacent to a major road network and plenty of parking is generally available. The facility is also located right next door to public transport, both buses and trains.
If you are interested in receiving additional information on any subject or have subjects to suggest, NSW enquiries telephone (02) 5602 2306, Qld enquiries telephone (07) 5596 9004 or email admin@lrhartley.com
Or click HERE to sign-up for our free Newsletter and keep informed of future seminars and access additional resources.

Where booking is required, a separate booking request is required for each subject or once only for a series.
(In the event of any subject being filled to capacity, pre-booked ticket
holders will be guaranteed a seat and a copy of all handouts.)

Bookings are essential. Click HERE
Bookings can also be made by: Text 0413068347; or Message 0755969004;
or email admin@lrhartley.com or book online: www.lrhartley.com/bookings (Bookings close 2 hours before starting time)

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Current Program Schedule

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Professional Development

"Continuing professional development is the means by which members of a profession maintain,
improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the
personal qualities required in their professional lives."
(Reference: Psychology Board of Australia)
Many of the Life Skills School programs are beneficil for teachers, police, psychologists, counsellors and
mental health professionals as they provide an opportunity to expand their knowledge base,
identify current trends and to explore creative ways of managing lifestyle issues.
These programs are also ideal for the clients of members of many helping professions
to augment (rather than replace) the great work of these professionals.

Example: Continuing Teacher's Professional Development activities incorporated into these events:
[X] Active involvement in workshop/course/seminar/conference
[   ] Presentation to colleagues on classroom practices, research findings or contemporary issues in education
[   ] Educational research/action research project
[   ] Active contribution to system initiatives, pilots, trials, projects
[X] Courses, workshops (including school-based), conferences, vacation schools or online courses relevant to teaching context
[   ] Structured networking with teachers across schools
[   ] Syllabus, curriculum and assessment professional development conducted by QSA or employer
Certificates of Attendance available on request.

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Other Topics

Copyright Illustration
Some of our other topics may include: Free Conversational English Language Classes, Assertiveness Training, Assurance for the Christian, Beginning Again (Preparing for Re-marriage), Building Self Esteem in Children, Child Protection from Abuse and Neglect, Child Sex Abuse: What you can do about it, Children and Grief, Clinical Debriefing, Co-dependency and Caring, Coping with Change, Dating Safely, Dealing with Troubling Thoughts (Worry), Deliverance from Depression, Dementia & Alzheimer’s (Prevention and Management), Disability Awareness and Support (Helping Someone With a disability), Divorce Recovery, Domestic Violence, Understanding Dreaming & Nightmares, Eight Laws of Health, Fairly Fighting Fear, Fasting, Getting Along With Others (and Discover Your Personality Type – with Dr H Norman Wright), Helping Your Child Learn Responsible Behaviour, Improving Your Marriage, Intercultural Communication, Living with Our Differences (Creating Family Harmony), Managing a Family Budget, Marriage Enrichment, Memory (Learning, Lucubration or Loss), Overcoming Nicotine Addiction, Preparing for Marriage, Progressive Relaxation, Setting Healthy Boundaries (with Drs Henry Cloud & John Townsend), Sunday (Sabbath) School Teacher Training, Small Group Dynamics (Creating, Building and Maintaining a Small Group), Suicide Prevention, Taking Charge of Your Health (Series), Sexuality in Singleness and Marriage, The Four Dimensional Approach to Alcoholism, The Nuclear Family by Design, Traumatic Stress and Disaster management, Using I-Messages that Don’t Backfire, Who Cares for the Carer? (Carer Support), Youthful Ageing – Growing Older Gracefully.
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