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Making Our Lord's Prayer Ours

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The goal of the Gold Coast Central SDA Church Sabbath school is the discipling of people for Christ.
The four basic objectives of the Sabbath school are Faith development, Fellowship, Community outreach, and World mission.
9:30am Sabbath School commences with a song service at 9:20am — come early for that added blessing.
— Maureen Bainbridge, Snr. Sabbath School Superintendent

Gold Coast Central Church
Life Development Centre (LDC)
67 Warrener St, Nerang, 4211, Australia
(Adjacent to the Nerang Railway Station)

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We have classes for Beginners (Age: 0-3), Kindergarten (Age: 4-7), Primary/Junior (Age: 8-12), Teens (Age: 13-18), Youth (Age: 18+) & Adults (In both large classes and small groups).
Lesson Guides for all Ages and Printed in a Variety of Languages

Recommended reading:
It Starts Here — Why Beginner's Sabbath School is so important.

We proactively endeavour to provide the safest
possible environment for you and your children.

Info on Police Blue Card System

  Escuela Sabática Español  

Sí, tenemos una clase de español y todos son bienvenidos.
Folletos Lección:

  The FAQ Class  

We have a vibrant class for seekers and others called "FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)" which meets every week.
Or you can check out In Step with Jesus the recommended Sabbath School Guides for New Members.

  For the Hearing Impaired  

We have an audio induction loop installed in the church
(Set hearing-aid to "T" switch or Induction Loop setting).

Relevant websites:
SDA Deaf Church Down Under; Adventist Deaf Ministries;
Deaf Young Adults for Christ (USA); Gospel Outreach Deaf Ministry Department; Lewisham Deaf Ministries (United Kingdom/England); Signs of Hope French Deaf SDA website (France); Russian-Ukrainian website; German Deaf SDA website; Sabbath School Videos in German Sign Language; Kenya Deaf SDA website; Brazilian Deaf SDA website; Canadian Deaf Ministries International; SDA Deaf Ministry Ph (Philippines); Three Angels Deaf Ministries (USA); Southern Deaf Fellowship

  For the Physically Disabled  

Our facility is wheelchair-friendly with purpose-built amenities and marked vehicle parking available. Certain pews have deliberate spaces to allow users of wheelchairs or prams to worship as part of the body of the church.

  For the Blind and Visually Impaired  

  You don't need to have vision impairment
to enjoy these resources.

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by David Asscherick & Ty Gibson

  Adventist Mission Resources  

The Adventist Mission DVD features stories about the 13th Sabbath offering along with stories about mission from around the globe. For program presenters it is usually available along with the mission quarterly in the "Sabbath School" folder in the church foyer. However it may not have arrived by the commencement of the quarter, in which case it may be downloaded as a PAL disk image from
Users of the DVD are requested to mark on the packaging which segment is used to prevent screening duplication.

The Mission Quarterly may be downloaded from

For Cultural, Historical, Statistical, and Country Information
on any country go to

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NEW! Free Family Worship App (¬°Ahora disponible en castellano!)
A large number of SDA churches worldwide have free Apps available. Check out your device's App supplier for details.

  Especially for Teachers & Leaders  

Senior Sabbath School Combined Lessons
(in place of regular classes):
See SS Superintendent
(FAQ Class meets as per usual.)

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[Spectrum Magazine Sabbath School Site]

  Sabbath School Lesson Topics  

The information regarding future topics is not final and is subject to change, and the following information reflects only the topic that will be studied for each quarter and not the title of the Bible study guide itself.




Proverbs The Book of Luke
(Free Ebook)
Missionaries Jeremiah
Great Controversy The Book
of Matthew
The Role of the Church in the Community Job
Holy Spirit and Spirituality 1 and 2 Peter Oneness in Christ Stewardship
Isaiah Preparation
for the End Time
The Book of Acts
(Free Ebook)
Social Justice Issues
The Book of Revelation Ezra/Nehemiah The Book of Daniel Romans
How to Interpret Scripture Education John The Family/Sanctity of Marriage



Telephone (Lionel) (07) 5596 9004 (Engin)
or (02) 5602 2306 (GoTalk)

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  Coming Events  

Watch this space for future special Sabbath School events.

  Non-SS Events  

Check out our on-going FREE afternoon life-style seminars under the banner: the Life Skills School. (see for further information).

Every Wednesday
11:30 Ė 12:30
Click [HERE] for more details.

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