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 [Child Protection from Abuse and Neglect] Topics covered: Forms of abuse/ Myths surrounding abuse/ Talking to children about abuse/ Protecting children from abuse/ Helping an abused child/ Breaking the cycle of abuse/ Recovery from abuse and much more. (Mp3 - digitised and transferred from open reel tape. [Dur: 90min]

 [Children and Grief ] (Seminar). How separation or loss affects different ages of children; The five stages of the grief process as specifically applied to children; Helping a grieving child.  [Dur: 25min]
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 [Children's Sermon: The Hands of an Apostle] A children's story highlighting the sacrifice Jesus paid for us. 25 Sept. 2010 Object Lesson: Picture or sculpture of Albrecht Dürer's 'Hands of an Apostle'. [Dur: 4min 15sec]

 [Children's Sermon: The Power of the Holy Spirit] A children's story teaching how the Holy Spirit works in our life. 15 January 2011 Object Lesson: Balloons. [Dur: 2min 53sec]

 [Children's Sermon: Tuning in to the Holy Spirit] Another children's story teaching how the Holy Spirit works in our life. 2 October 2010 Object Lesson: Portable radio. [Dur: 2min 38sec]

 [Clinical Debriefing] Using the acronym D.E.B.R.I.E.F., Emeritus Professor Lionel Hartley looks at three aspects of clinical debriefing: What are its goals, How do we go about it, and What are its limitations. [Dur: 31min]
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 [Communication in Courtship & Marriage] A condensed version of this practical seminar introducing the building blocks of communication with principles that can be applied in personal, family, social, and business situations.  [Dur: 25min]

 [Conflict Resolution] A seminar of practical coping skills to help identify potential conflict before it arises, to prepare strategies to deal with unavoidable conflict, and to develop a systematic plan of action to ward off avoidable conflict. [Dur: 22min]

 [Drama: I Was There at Pentecost] A dramatised re-creation of what happened at Pentecost (Acts Chapter 2). 16 June 2012. [Dur: 13min]

 [Dealing with Anger and Frustration] Seminar Programme: Dictionary Definitions of Anger; Personal Definition of Anger; Does God Get Angry? What About Us?; Causes of Anger; Responses to Anger; Anger Aversion Tools; Question and Answer Session (Mp3 - digitised and transferred from open reel tape. [Dur: 30min]

 [Divorce: A Biblical View] A radio broadcast by Lionel Hartley, 1977 (Mp3 - digitised and transferred from open reel tape). [Dur: 25min]
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 [Divorce Recovery seminar Part 1]   [Divorce Recovery seminar Part 2] A practical empowerment seminar for adults and children, "victims" and supporters. More than just coping strategies. Helpful also for parents, grandparents, friends, etc.
Topics - Part 1: What is Divorce Recovery? Who Are the Victims? Who is to Blame? Why Me (Only Me)? Choosing Sides; Inlaws and Outlaws; Coping Skills [Dur: 44min]
Topics - Part 2: A Word to Parents; Stepfamilies; Resources ; Question Time.  [Dur: 27min]

 [God's Incredible Grace] A presentation discovering God's grace extended to the most evil man in the Bible. [Dur: 35min]

 [Homosexuality] Whe­ther it's con­cern, con­fusion, con­ced­ing, con­ciliat­ing, con­fess­ing, con­firm­ing, con­form­ing, con­vict­ing, con­front­ing, con­descend­ing, con­don­ing, con­ceal­ing, con­demn­ing, con­spir­ing, con­troll­ing, con­sider­ing, con­tradict­ing, con­sol­ing, con­sort­ing, con­fusion, or con­templat­ing, many of us have strong emot­ional feel­ings in re­gard to homo­sex­uality and homo­sex­ual be­haviour. This sem­inar is to dispel miscon­cept­ions and pre­sent real­istic non-con­demn­atory help­ing strat­egies. [Dur: 38min]
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 [How To Enjoy the Bible] A radio broadcast by Lionel Hartley with the Macquarie Symphonia conducted by Noel Clapham, 1977 (Mp3 - digitised and transferred from open reel tape).  [Dur: 19min]

 [Improving Your Marriage] A radio broadcast by Lionel Hartley, 1977 (Mp3 - digitised and transferred from open reel tape - 43:00).
Dr Hartley has identified thirty different types of marriages (all starting with the letter "B"). In this radio broadcast, he looks at each type in turn and makes practical suggestions for making sour marriages good and good marriages better.  [Dur: 38min]

 [Introduction to the Book of Daniel] (Seminar)  [Dur: 72min]

 [Learning to Listen] A seminar: Learn to listen as if your life (or love life) depended upon it! Practical resources to teach us how to communicate effectively, including forty easy-to-use tools for Learning to Listen. This is more than just how to listen, it is how to make and maintain healthy relationships. Great divorce-prevention strategies. [Dur: 58min]

  Music Recording: [Sounds of the Barrel Organ] Lionel Hartley’s interest in organ building began in the middle of last century when he was invited to spend his school holidays working with a pipe-organ builder in New Zealand on the restoration of a church organ. From there he went on to re-build and fully restore a dilapidated old reed organ on his own. This then progressed to building barrel organs and other musical instruments from scratch. Over the years he built as many as seven working barrel organs. This recording is a compilation of pieces from one of his earlier instruments using hand-punched paper rolls. Recorded onto open reel tape in 1970, transferred to mp3 in 1999.  [Dur: 47min]

 [One Hundred Tools For Teachers to Build Self Esteem in Children] A radio broadcast by Lionel Hartley for Education Week 1994 [Via SoundCloud]  
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 [Practical Skills for Coping with Grief and Loss] (AKA Practical Help for the Grieving.) "Grief is not a fence that we climb over, hoping the other side is greener; it is a winding tunnel that we enter, with all its associated darkness, gloom and uncertainty and our grief work is to journey forward until we see a glimmer of light at the other end; and then bravely move onward into the sunshine of a very different landscape." Programme: The grief process; Helping a grieving friend - Part 1 "Caring"; Pitfalls to caring; Helping a grieving friend - Part 2 "Practical helps"; Self-help for the grieving; Questions and answers. [Dur: 74min]

 [Relax by the Ocean] Over an hour of ambient relaxation sounds, recorded by Lionel Hartley for Red Range Radio at Cabarita Beach, New South Wales, Australia, with the approval of the Tweed Shire Council. Marketed under the 'Roads to Relaxation™' Series label, 2007. [Dur: 67min]

 [What is Death?] Transferred from cassette tape to Mp3. It is the podium soundtrack of the first of six seminars by Dr Hartley on Grief. It was recorded before a live audience and includes a portion of the question time that followed the seminar. (The Interactive workshop from the program is not included on this recording.)  [Dur: 41min]
 [What is Death? (Question time)] A portion of the question time that followed the above seminar.  [Dur: 17min]

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